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BMS system Albatros the 4th generation

The release of the 4th generation of the BMS that was developed by BE Power Company has already been in use within our application

Modular BMS Rev. 04 from BE-Power GmbH

BE-Power company's in-house development of the modular BMS   is now being successfully managed in its 4th generation.

 Applicable for a wide range of lithium-ion batteries of all current technologies and chemical systems, this system is ideally designed for use in traction batteries of AGVs, forklifts etc.

The specifications are based thereby on the already outstanding properties of the predecessor, namely:

  • Decentralized architecture, short distances to the analog front ends, large, scalable nominal voltage range (currently 5S - 360S configuration); This enables battery systems with a nominal voltage of up to 1,300V to be implemented.
  • Extremely high immunity to interference for rough use in an industrial environment
  • Control of traditional contactors or high-performance semiconductor switchgear
  • Automatic shutdown when the battery is deeply discharged in order to protect the cells
  • CANopen interface, configurable and adaptable to customer requirements
  • ServiceTool Software
  • Control of ext. components such as fans, pyrofuses, etc.
  • Control of the charging process with a compatible charger by the battery
  • Newly added features make the 4th generation of the BMS a class leader

  • Cycle counter / coulomb counter as "odometer" for the battery
  • Real-time clock, in order to assign all events to a defined point in time
  • SD card in order to store all important forensic battery data
  • Internal handling of the shutdown routine, self-controlled shutdown of the battery
  • Bootloader for e.g. B. remote software update
  • Parameterization of the battery by using the ServiceTool
  • Storage of date of manufacture serial number in the protected memory area
  • Parallel connection of battery modules in order to scale the total capacity

The use of a semiconductor switchgear, especially in nominal voltage ranges that are used for traction batteries in intralogistics, offers a wealth of advantages, these are as follows:

  • Neither switch-on nor holding current, so energy-saving
  • Selective switching of current directions with one component
  • No wearing, mech. parts even with frequent switching operations
  • Own fast short-circuit current detection
  • Own temperature monitoring

The large units (up to 400A) work  therefore with external Hall sensors, while the compact switches (up to 100A continuous current) have an integrated current sensor and an additional pre-charge branch for suppressing current surges when switching on.

The new system is rounded off by an optional driver board for the case that external components or conventional contactors in the high-voltage range have to be controlled. This means that a flexible expansion of the system is available.

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